Social Justice/Public Questions

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social-justice-aIf you are interested in meeting with a group of like-minded people to look at issues of social justice, there will be a pot luck lunch after church on Sunday 4 December so folk can introduce themselves and talk about what a Social Justice Committee might do.  Starting time, 11.45am – finish around 2.00pm.  Bring some finger food to share, and, if you would like to, send any comment or suggestions ahead of the meeting to convenor Daniela by email.


Join us on Sunday

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welcome_new_members-01Communion016It will be a busy Sunday at Durham Street Methodist Church this week.  At 10.00am we will welcome five new members, add one to the Cradle Roll, and then celebrate Holy Communion, with Rev Andrew Donaldson as celebrant.

annual-congregational-meeting-01After a brief break for morning tea, we will have our Annual Congregational Meeting, with a look at all the reports for last year and the election of Parish Councillors for the coming year.  Then, we will break for a light lunch, and this will be followed by a visit from the architects and a look at the revised Building Concept Plan.

cup-of-tea-and-biscuit-01And – don’t forget to bring your copy of the Annual Reports, which was distributed throughout the past week, and any questions or comments you may have regarding the life of the Parish.

Fruit Sunday this Sunday

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mandarins-01Yes, it’s that time of the month again when we gather up fruit for the children at Aratupu Pre-School and Nursery – fresh fruit not too big for little hands, or canned fruit (does this come in spring water or syrup? – Clear fruit juice would be the thing, I think!  Not too much added sugar.)

Just as a by-your-by – did you know that Rob Ferguson has a blog at Streets?  Interesting musings and even whole sermons appear there from time to time – and they are well worth the read.

More info about this Sunday’s event

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Yale  University’s  Forum on Religion and Ecology Newsletter has said the following about Bill Wallace’s cosmologically oriented mass.

“Although written from a Christian perspective, “Sacred Energy / Mass of the Universe.”   addresses all humans. Aiming to transform human-Earth relations, the mass invites dialogue between all of the world’s religious traditions as well as dialogue between humans and the cosmos as a whole. Reflecting on Wallace’s work, we are reminded of another advocate of inter-religious dialogue and of intimate relations between humans and the unfolding cosmos: the geologian Thomas Berry.”


Those who cannot attend the event might be interested in viewing or downloading – see the links below for the three separate entries

Part 1  presents the mass in a form that you can interact with. Each individual musical segment has both an audio file (mp3) and a musical score (pdf).

A separate resource, Part 2, contains downloadable pdf’s with the complete text (including melody lines) as well the complete musical score for an accompanist.

Finally, Part 3 has some background commentary on the mass and the Powerpoint slides that illustrate it.

All this constitutes a narrated musical exploration of the mystical sense of oneness and sacredness of all that is according to Progressive Christianity.

With kindest regards and many thanks,

Bill Wallace.…/sacred-energy-mass-of-the-universe-part-1/
Oct 18, 2014 – Part 1 of Sacred Energy (Mass of the Universe) presents the mass in a form that you can interact with. Each individual musical segment has ……/sacred-energy-mass-of-the-universe-part-2/
Oct 18, 2014 – Part 2 of Sacred Energy (Mass of the Universe) contains the complete text of the mass, with melody lines, and a separate pdf with the complete…/sacred-energy-mass-of-the-universe-part-3/
Oct 19, 2014 – Part 3 of Sacred Energy (Mass of the Universe) contains the downloadable Powerpoint slides that illustrate the various parts of the mass, …



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