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Yale  University’s  Forum on Religion and Ecology Newsletter has said the following about Bill Wallace’s cosmologically oriented mass.

“Although written from a Christian perspective, “Sacred Energy / Mass of the Universe.”   addresses all humans. Aiming to transform human-Earth relations, the mass invites dialogue between all of the world’s religious traditions as well as dialogue between humans and the cosmos as a whole. Reflecting on Wallace’s work, we are reminded of another advocate of inter-religious dialogue and of intimate relations between humans and the unfolding cosmos: the geologian Thomas Berry.”


Those who cannot attend the event might be interested in viewing or downloading – see the links below for the three separate entries

Part 1  presents the mass in a form that you can interact with. Each individual musical segment has both an audio file (mp3) and a musical score (pdf).

A separate resource, Part 2, contains downloadable pdf’s with the complete text (including melody lines) as well the complete musical score for an accompanist.

Finally, Part 3 has some background commentary on the mass and the Powerpoint slides that illustrate it.

All this constitutes a narrated musical exploration of the mystical sense of oneness and sacredness of all that is according to Progressive Christianity.

With kindest regards and many thanks,

Bill Wallace.…/sacred-energy-mass-of-the-universe-part-1/
Oct 18, 2014 – Part 1 of Sacred Energy (Mass of the Universe) presents the mass in a form that you can interact with. Each individual musical segment has ……/sacred-energy-mass-of-the-universe-part-2/
Oct 18, 2014 – Part 2 of Sacred Energy (Mass of the Universe) contains the complete text of the mass, with melody lines, and a separate pdf with the complete…/sacred-energy-mass-of-the-universe-part-3/
Oct 19, 2014 – Part 3 of Sacred Energy (Mass of the Universe) contains the downloadable Powerpoint slides that illustrate the various parts of the mass, …



This Sunday …

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Easter 4

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fruitThis week our Leader of Worship is Digby Prosser, and we meet in the Hall at the Knox Centre, 28 Bealey Avenue, at 10.00am, for a Service of Worship.

This week is also “fruit week” and you are invite to make a contribution of fresh fruit which will be delivered to the Aratupu Pre-School and Nursery on Monday morning. They also welcome canned fruit, and plastic shopping bags, which are used in keeping the nursery clean and tidy …

Special meeting tomorrow

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communion - 02Yes – we meet at 10.00am in the Hall at the Knox Centre for a Service of Holy Communion, with Rev Andrew Donaldson.

And, following the Service we will have a special congregational meeting, facilitated by the Very Rev Bruce Hanson, to discuss the proposal to purchase a new pipe organ (from the organ insurance monies) for the new building on the 309 Durham Street site.meeting 2

A finger-food lunch will be provided, and the meeting is expected to conclude no later than 3.00pm.  Bring the discussion papers with you and have your say on this important issue.

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