Let the Children Live


In Christchurch

We invite you to join us in our support of the Aratupu Preschool and Nursery, an arm of the Christchurch Methodist Mission, with a donation of fresh fruit [that will keep a couple of days]  – on the third Sunday of each month

In Eshowe, South Africa

John Wesley School, Eshowe, South Africa, is “a small school with a big heart,” providing primary education to those who can least afford, it in the heart of Zululand – we support the school by providing scholarships for those who find even the affordable unaffordable – on the first Sunday of each month

In Syria and Iraqvia CWS and its Partners

Christian World Service have launched an appeal to help those in Syria displaced by four years of conflict – the UN High Commissioner for Refugees has now registered 3.8 million refugees and reports 12.2 million people need assistance within Syria (population in 2013, 22.85 million). The situation for Syrian and Palestinian refugees formerly living in Syria has continued to deteriorate. Heavy winter snow has collapsed the tents of some Syrian refugees, adding to their difficulties.

CWS have also launched an appeal to help refugees in Iraq. One of the largest internal displacements is happening in northern Iraq. The UN reports an estimated 2.2 million people have fled their homes in advance of the Islamic State. Christians, Yazidis and others are in desperate need of help in the Ninewa province. They need food, water, shelter, healthcare and protection from violence. ACT Alliance (Action by Churches Together) of which CWS is a member, is doing its best to respond to their desperate need.

In Vanuatu – via CWS and its Partners

CWS has launched a Vanuatu Cyclone Appeal to help people affected by Cyclone Pam, which made a direct hit on Vanuatu, tearing through vulnerable communities with winds up to 300km/h.  CWS are working with ACT Alliance members, and the Presbyterian and Anglican Churches, to make sure help gets to those who need it most and in remote communities.


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