Parish Activities

Updated: 06 May 2018


For our Prayers

  • Prayers for those involved in working through the detail of the rebuild as work begins on the site
  • For Rev Rob Ferguson on holiday in Europe – and the search for a new person in this role
  • For Rev Jill van de Geer and Rev Stephanie Robson as they provide pastoral support to members of the Parish

Let the Children Live

  • John Wesley School, Eshowe, South Africa, is “a small school with a big heart,” providing primary education to those who can least afford, it in the heart of Zululand – we support the school by providing scholarships for those who find even the affordable unaffordable – on the first Sunday of each month
  • We also support the Aratupu Preschool and Nursery with a donation of fresh fruit [that will keep a couple of days]  – again, on the first Sunday of each month

Movie Group – first Monday of the month – 11.30am for a shared lunch, followed by a movie – bring some food to share

  • In recess until later this year

Walking Group – each Tuesday – 10.00am

  • Tues 08 May – Pegasus Walkabout – meet at the back of the Belfast Hotel, Main North Road, for car pooling
  • Tues 15 May – Avonhead Park, Hawthornden Road – meet at the innermost car park for a walk around the extended area

Afternoon Theology Group – second Wednesday of the month – 2.00pm-3.30pm

  • Wed 09 May – Margaret Burnett will facilitate a discussion around the question, “How do we deal with new knowledge that contradicts our traditional theological beliefs?”  We will be watching an episode from the Choice TV programme, “Ancient Treasures Decoded.”  The “treasure” is a fragment of an ancient manuscript that mentions Jesus’ wife.  All welcome.  Tea, coffee, etc., to follow.

Men’s Group  – fourth Monday of the month – 7.30pm

Parish Council – fourth Wednesday of the month – 7.30pm

  • Wed 23 May – in the Lounge, Upper Riccarton Methodist Church

House Groups

  • Virtual House Group – PechurchaKucha, on Facebook – open and accessible 24/7 if you have signed up to Facebook (and signing up to FB is easy and free) 

Choir – each Sunday morning – 9.30am


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