A message from David Bush, General Secretary, Methodist Church of New Zealand:

Dear Friends,

Council of Conference heard this morning about the impact on young people in foster care who when they reach the age of 17 are ‘on their own’. Please share this with your congregations and go on-line and sign the petition yourself. Why? Just think for a moment would you ask your children to leave home at 17 with no possibility of coming back. These young men and women are ‘our kids too’. They deserve the same respect we give to those who live under our roof.

David Bush
General Secretary

Please help raise the age of foster care from 17 to 21.

Council of Conference has heard of the work of the agencies around the country who have created an online petition asking the Government to raise the age of leaving foster care.


Currently in NZ, young people leave care on their 17th birthday. While most teenagers their age are worrying about things like homework, these young people are scrambling to find a place to live and how to support themselves. Our staff see the worst possible outcome for many of these young people – with no support networks, and nowhere to go, many teenagers become homeless before their 18th birthday.

With the current review of CYF [Child, Youth and Family], this is the perfect opportunity to ask the Government to raise the age of support from 17 to 21. We have collaborated with Youthline, Child Poverty Action Group, Wesley Community Action, Christchurch Methodist Mission, Dingwall Trust and ActionStation to create this petition.

I would be incredibly grateful if you could sign and share this petition with your workplace and your wider networks.

Thanks very much,


Rev David Bush
General Secretary
Methodist Church of New Zealand
P O Box 931
Christchurch 8140
64 3 3666049