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On Sunday next, 20 August, we are worship with the St Luke’s Anglican congregation at the Community of the Sacred Name Retreat Centre, on the south (hills) side of Tuam Street, between Madras Street and Barbadoes Street.  If you are travelling on Barbadoes Street, turn right into Tuam Street, and the Centre is on the  left, with a small area for off-street parking.  If you are travelling east (with the hills on your right) on Tuam Street, off-street parking in on the right about one section shy of Barbadoes Street.  The area of off-street parking is fairly small, but there is parking available on Tuam Street and Barbadoes Street.

Entrance to the Retreat Centre is from the off-street parking area on Tuam Street, and the Chapel is on the right once inside the facility.

On the map to the right, the location of the Retreat Centre is indicated by the red arrow in the upper right hand corner.