CWS Christmas Appeal 2013

Share Water, Share Life
Water is one of the most powerful symbols of the Christian faith and a constant throughout the Scriptures. It is a gift of God that sustains the whole of creation. But the water is running low and the costs of buying it rising. The changing climate means that farmers cannot rely on rains or the dry seasons they need to dry food for storage. Others experience massive floods, tsunami and hurricanes that kill and destroy. Cities draw much more deeply on underground aquifers or lakes and rivers for growing populations. Once clear water sources are contaminated with pollution or used for manufacturing and mass food production. Conflicts over control of water supply are intensifying. People are dying from disease caused by polluted water or thirst.

During the Advent period we read again the story of the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River – a critical regional resource and a factor in a number of conflicts. Israel and the West Bank are on its western border and Jordan to the east. It travels 251 km in to the Dead Sea but it is not what it once was. Its waters are diverted and the Dead Sea is evaporating at an alarming rate.

There are no substitutes for water – we all need it. It is heavier than oil so expensive to ship or pipe long distances. People can’t live long without it. Everyone has a stake in the management of the local water supply but who gets to make the decisions? Will some continue to miss out? What are we doing with the gift that God gives us to share? CWS partners are working hard to share water, share life. Please give generously to the 2013 Christmas Appeal to help them do their work.

Advent One

In Tonga, women are working with women through Ama Takiloa to pass on skills that stand them in good stead for the future. With the threat of Climate Change and more intense weather patterns, growing good gardens, coastal protection and their own water supply offer some protection, especially in the outer islands. Learning is fun and they all help each other to make the hope they share practical. Please give generously to the 2013 Christmas AppealShare Water, Share Life.