• Sunday 30 October – 11am – Service of Worship at St Stephens. Preacher and Leader of Worship – Reverend Mary Caygill.
  • Sunday 6 November – 10.00am – Combined Service of Holy Communion at St Stephens. On this Sunday we will be beginning our combined services of Holy Communion with the St Stephens Methodist Congregation and the time of the service will be that of 10.00am. This is a change of time for both congregations and so marks our mutual commitment to be together for this service of worship each month.
  • Sunday 13 November – 11.00am – Service of Worship at St Stephens. A Celebration for All Saints Sunday. Please note that at 10.00am on this Sunday also there is to a celebration of baptism of Alisha Isaacs at the Upper Riccarton Methodist Church. Whilst Reverend Mary Caygill will be undertaking this baptism of Alisha she will also be joined by the Reverend Marcia Hardy and the Reverend Jill van de Geer for this important celebration. There is a warm and open invitation for members of Durham St to be there for the baptismal service at Upper Riccarton then come on to the worship service at 11.00am being held at St Stephens. Again these arrangements are being made so that Alisha can be baptised in the midst of her young friends at Upper Riccarton who are part of her ongoing nurture in the faith but also her long standing friends and those who have nurtured her from the Durham St congregation.
  • Sunday 20 November – 11.00am – Service of Worship at St Stephens. This service of worship will incorporate the Annual Congregational Meeting.
  • Sunday 27 November – 11.00am – 1st Sunday of Advent – “Thanksgiving” Cafe Church.


  • We are very mindful in our prayers over these next weeks of Jean Cardwell and Margaret Fiebig as they make the transition to pack up their current homes and move to settle in new places of residence – Jean to Wesleycare and Margaret to be closer to family in Cromwell.
  • Our love and prayers surround Philip and Alice Seddon as they grieve for the loss of Philip’s son Richard this week.
  • Annual Congregational Meeting – Sunday 20 November – 11.00am.
    In preparation for this meeting the Annual Reports of the various Durham St Church groups are needed. Could these be given to Sue Chappell in the Parish Office please by 6 November – so there is plenty of time to prepare the materials for the Annual Meeting.


  • As part of our “Moving Forward” Program, our “Cup-of-Tea” time after church on Sunday 30 October 30 will be extended. We are planning to spend time together informally from 12.30-2pm.
    It will be a time for the congregation to renew, or make acquaintance with each other, recall or learn each other’s life stories, have a smile and a laugh and, of course, eat!!
    What do we require of you? A plate of finger food and a little bit of preparation in reducing your life story to a few minutes!!! You can also bring your favourite poem or story, a song to sing or a really good joke or decide on your very favourite hymn!
    Please plan to be here to be part of this opportunity to share who we are!