Mary Caygill will be away in Greymouth next week, having a week’s Annual Leave. For any pastoral matters please make contact with the Parish Stewards – Digby Prosser or Lorraine Goffin.



  • Tuesday August 23 – 10am – Walking Group –Travis Swamp, Burwood, Bower Bridge. Meet at Beach Road extension. Grade 1. Walks are subject to change.


  • Sunday 28 August – 11.00am – Service of Worship at St Stephens. Preacher and Leader of Worship – Reverend Norman West.
  • Tuesday August 30th – 10am – Walking Group – details to be announced.


  • Sunday 4 th September – 10.00am – Combined Service of Holy Communion at Upper Riccarton Methodist Church.
  • Tuesday 6 September – 10am – Walking Group – details to be announced.
  • Wednesday 7 September – 7.30pm – Choir Annual General Meeting – at 2 Glenside Avenue, Ilam.


  • Sunday 11 September – 11.00 – Service of Worship at St Stephens. Preacher and Leader of Worship, Reverend Barbara Stephens.
  • Tuesday 13 September – 10am – Walking Group – details to be announced.
  • Wednesday 14 September – 2.00pm – Afternoon Theology Group at Wesley Care. We are going to walk (or finger walk) a labyrinth.


  • Sunday 18 September – 11.00am – Service of Worship at St Stephens. Combined Service with the St Stephens Methodist congregation for Lay Preachers Sunday. Worship will be led by Garth and Elizabeth Cant. A shared lunch will follow.
  • Tuesday 20 September – 10am – Walking Group – details to be announced.


  • Sunday 25 September – 11.00am – Service of Worship at St Stephens. Preacher and Leader of Worship – Reverend Mary Caygill


  • Celebrate NZ Hymns: A Canterbury Celebration of Worship songs and images of NZ, at St Ninians Presbyterian Church, Friday 26, 7.30pm-9.30pm, Saturday 27 August, 9.30am-4pm. Meet Colin Gibson, a weekend of singing, learning, workshops and fun. Put this date into your diary now! Bring your lunch. Cost for full weekend $20.
  • CWS Appeal for the Horn and East Africa: Horn of Africa Appeal – Famine has now been declared in several parts of Somalia. Thousands of people are taking huge risks every day to walk hundreds of kilometres in a bid to reach the safety of camps and feeding centres. They are being forced to make appalling choices, including leaving weak and disabled loved ones on the road to certain death.
      • In South Ethiopia the cattle are gone. The old men burn the carcasses to avoid disease. They have told CWS partners they will be next. In Kenya the ACT Alliance is managing the world’s largest refugee camp. Built for 90,000 there are now over 440,000 people seeking food and safety. Everyday hundreds more arrive. Nearly 12 million people are at risk of starvation across Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia. The worst drought in 60 years along with rising food prices and widespread livestock deaths has triggered the crisis. Help is urgently needed.
        The CWS Horn of Africa Appeal is funding life-saving food, water, medical care and shelter. ACT Alliance needs US $29.1 million to provide assistance to the region.
        Appeal leaflets have been emailed to churches and can be downloaded from the CWS website. A prayer is also available and CWS can provide images from the region. Please hold a special collection or fundraising event.
        Send donations to Christian World Service, PO Box 22 652, Christchurch 8140, or go online for other ways to give.
  • APW MWF Special Project: Methodist Women’s Fellowships are starting their new special project. This year they are working with CWS to support the Middle East Council of Churches in Palestine. The programme provides health care for pregnant women and young children. With extreme poverty and ongoing conflict, the maternal death rate is high. Health care is a desperate need for all sectors of the community. CWS has prepared a PowerPoint to show how the programme work and a DVD is available highlighting life in the Middle East. Please contact CWS by email for more support. CWS would like to thank the APW and MWF for their fantastic fundraising efforts.
  • Synod News: Appointment of Strategic Planning Coordinator the Synod is now able to report the appointment of Jill Hawkey to the position. The appointment Panel are pleased to have an acceptance from Jill who will take up this position early in September.
  • Theology and Church Architecture: Wednesday, 28 September 2011, 9.00am-3.30pm, Christchurch Chinese Church, 286 Greers Rd, Bryndwr (near Wairakei Rd shops). This one-day ecumenical conference is for all people, lay and ordained, interested in thinking theologically about church architecture. It is especially relevant for those with broken or demolished churches in Canterbury, but all are welcome. Cost: $20.00, payable at door, includes refreshments and lunch RSVP for catering purposes: Chris Church, Theology House, 03-355-9145 or by email.