WORSHIP NEXT SUNDAY, 17 April, Palm Sunday – Combined service with Upper Riccarton congregation at 10am, with a combined choir from both congregations. (Note: no 5pm service that day). Holy Week and Easter services will be shared with the Hornby Riccarton parish, further details next week.

PARISH COUNCIL MEETING – This Tuesday, 12 April, 7.30pm, at Jean and Bob Pipers’ home.

AFTERNOON THEOLOGY GROUP – This Wednesday 13 April, 2pm, at the Pipers’ home. The group will watch the second DVD from ‘Answering the questions’. Everyone is welcome.

LENTEN STUDIES – A warm invitation is extended to Durham St congregation members by the Hornby Riccarton Methodist Parish to be part of their Lenten Studies based on 5 studies taken from Elizabeth Rundle’s book, Twenty questions Jesus asked. The final study takes place this week in the Upper Riccarton Methodist Church lounge at 7.30pm

– Thursday, 14 April – John 11:17-27. Do you believe this?


Training for Ministry to a Traumatised Community

Tuesday 12 April to Wednesday 13 April

10am to 4pm at Upper Riccarton Methodist Church

Koha is invited, not to exceed $30. Lunch and morning and afternoon tea will be provided. Talk to Sue Spindler if you wish to register for this course. All parish leaders, lay and ordained, are strongly encouraged to attend. Ian and Margaret Stehbens have worked significantly with community trauma in Bougainville and Solomon Islands and have been in touch with the experience of peace builders who worked in the aftermath of 9/11 in the US. We are very fortunate to have their skills available to our church at this particular time post earthquake.

For more information on Peacebuilders International and lan and Margaret Stehbens, go to:
and http://www.peacebuilders.in/main/index.php?paqe=faculty

Seminar: New Insights from Familiar Texts

  • Why “Forgive and Forget” is wrong
  • What does the Bibe really say about peace, forgiveness and reconciliation?

Saturday, 16 April 2011, 10am to 3pm
Beckenham Methodist Church, Malcolm Ave, Christchurch

  • No charge, no registration needed
  • Morning & afternoon tea provided
  • Please bring:
      – Food to contribute to a shared lunch
      – Bible
      – Notepad and pen

This is a unique opportunity to explore some well-known Bible passages in a new way with Reverends Ian and Margaret Stehbens from Peacebuilders International. Come ready to be inspired and re­energised, this is Bible study as you’ve not experienced it before. Please pass the word around. If you need further information please talk to Sue Spindler or ring her on 339-6647.

BLESSING OF CHURCH SITE – On Monday 18 April, the Reverend Diana Tana, Tumuaki of Te Taha Maori, Te Haahi Weteriana o Aotearoa – the Methodist Church of NZ, will be leading a service of blessing and the lifting of the tapu from the Durham Street Church site. This is an important and significant occasion, both to acknowledge the sacredness of this site and all it represents for Durham Street church members, and to recognise the sad reality that in this recent earthquake three men died whilst working on the removal of the pipe organ. This is a time to honour them, and an invitation will be offered to their families to be present at this time. The invitation is extended to all who would like to be present for this sacred occasion. The timing is still to be confirmed.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR ROSTERSAs we settle ourselves into a new place and pattern of worship we need to re-establish our rosters for our weekly tasks to maintain our worship and congregational life. Please check out the rosters for the months of April and May on the table at the back of the church. We need volunteers for the following activities:

  • Cup of tea/coffee/juice following the 5pm service
  • Monthly shared meal on the 3rd Sunday of the month, expected to start in May
  • Communion Servers
  • Readers for the Scripture readings in weekly worship
  • Prayers of Concern in weekly worship
  • Stewards
  • Greeters
  • A couple of people to be trained for the use of the soundsystem used at Upper Riccarton Methodist Church.

You are invited to consider ways in which you can contribute your time and gifts to the mission and ministry of Durham St Methodist congregation.

CONTACT DETAILS FOR PRESBYTER – Mary Caygill is now based during the week at the Upper Riccarton Methodist Church office, phone number 348-5519. Mary can also be contacted via email, and through the parsonage phone number 374-9751 which is being diverted to Mary’s cell phone 027 251-8611, or 03 313-9519 (Rangiora). Please note that her mission.org email address is not currently available.