Sunday, 26 July

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fruitIn all the excitement of Naylor’s 100th birthday last week, I completely forgot about it’s also being “fruit Sunday” – and, as with last month, I wonder if we can do it on the fourth Sunday of the month again, which is tomorrow?  The fruit gathered will be delivered to Aratupu Pre-School and Nursery on Monday morning …

Tomorrow we will be back in the Hall at the Knox Centre, at 10.00am for a Service of Worship and Reflection/Contemplation, to be led by Valerie Marshall.  “We” are also hosting morning tea following the service, which we will share with Knox Presbyterian and St Luke’s Anglican congregations.

A Special Occasion!

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100Yes – a very special occasion!

We meet tomorrow at 10.00am at the Falkingham Centre, WesleyCare, 91 Harewood Road, for a Service of Worship and to celebrate our elders, especially as we honour Naylor, who celebrated his 100th birthday yesterday. Following the service there will be a special morning tea – please bring a small contribution to the morning tea.

Has the Q Source Been Under Our Noses All Along? Luke, Matthew, and the Didache

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In this article, we delve further yet into the murky depths of the Synoptic Problem, and a new actor appears on the stage: an ancient work known as the Didache, or TheTeaching of the Apostles. (The name is usually pronounced “did-a-key”.) This was an ancient document that contained both ethical teachings and instructions for conducting church, and it may well date as early as the first century. Strangely, its relevance to the Synoptic Problem has been mostly overlooked until recently.

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Sun 28 June

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fruit basketBefore I forget – and the day gets too much older – we missed out on our gifts of fruit to Aratupu Pre-School and Nursery last Sunday – what say we do it this week?

We meet at 10.00am tomorrow morning, in the hall at the Knox Centre, 28 Bealey Avenue, for a Service of Worship led by Rev Dr Mary Caygill, followed by morning tea in the lounge with the congregations of Knox Presbyterian and St Luke’s Anglican churches.  See you there!

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